Around the world, nearly 2,000 children die each day from hunger-related causes. Medical care is neither easily accessible nor affordable for those in extreme poverty, and malnutrition is a vicious adversary to the health and well-being of countless children. Sadly, in many developing countries, mothers are not aware of malnutrition or its causes until it's too late. In response, we provide families with access to basic humanitarian aid supplies, personal hygiene products, and nutrition.


Simple Love sponsors malnutrition treatment and hunger alleviation programs in areas where the need is most severe. We also support women's and children's homes around the world, providing orphan care and sex trafficking victim rehabilitation.


In Guatemala specifically, in partnership with the Social Work Department of the University San Carlos de Guatemala, nutrition professionals, and community leaders, we identify families most in need of assistance, offer education in nutrition and general health, and enroll children in our malnutrition treatment program. Promoting health and wellness is a top priority.

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