Our Vision is to...


We meet one of the most basic yet urgent needs of people living in extreme poverty by sponsoring malnutrition treatment and hunger alleviation programs.



We plant seeds of wisdom and offer the hope of transformation from within communities around the world through our educational and vocational efforts.



We stand with the vulnerable of every race, gender, nationality, and religion, instilling in them our belief that nothing is impossible and that everyone's story can be rewritten.



Our work is community-based, highly relational, and respectful to the communities and cultures in which we work. We bring hope to the hopeless and dispel the darkness through the light of life's most powerful gift: love. We give generously, love lavishly, and share peace and love freely. 


Our History

In 2008, our founder, Alex Frazier, went on his first mission trip. Soon after, Alex traveled to several additional countries while on staff with Marilyn Hickey Ministries, serving in humanitarian projects, group tours, and international ministry conferences. Those experiences planted a seed for the nations in Alex's heart and opened his eyes to the great need in the world. As a result, Simple Love was born in May 2015.  

The original focus of our work was aimed at defeating child hunger. Children affected by malnutrition are sickly, don't perform well in school, and have very limited options as adults, so they repeat the cycle of poverty generation after generation. Simple Love wanted to help, so we launched our flagship malnutrition treatment in Guatemala, the country with the highest child hunger mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. In Guatemala, we now work with nutritionists, doctors, lawyers, social workers, and community leaders to ensure maximum impact in our programs.


We have since expanded our reach by partnering with and supporting organizations around the world whose visions align with ours, in addition to sponsoring hunger alleviation programs, educational opportunities, community development activities, and Christian ministry events as well.


It is an honor and privilege to have this opportunity to serve.

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